A Review of the Texas Traveller Table Top & 300 Poker Chip Travel Set


Texas Traveller-Table Top & 300 chip travel set is the ultimate bargain for a poker enthusiast. Texas Traveller – Table Top & 300 Chip Travel Set is a “Poker time is any time” equipment.

Whether vacations, parties, night – outs or leisure after daily work this set can accompany you wherever and whenever you want it to. This review which is a genuine overview punched in with a few intricate details will certainly let out this feature packed product and why it stands out to be one of the most favoured set.

The main characteristic of this set is defined by the foldable 48″ table top. It is a 48″ * 48″ table top which folds into 24″ * 24″. The size is much compatible and it is also mobile with its alternative carrying case. The foldable feature is a much coveted one that makes it easy to carry. The pouch which decorates the front face of the carrying case is used in bringing along the 2 decks of cards บาคาร่าออนไลน์.

This comes in as very handy as it does not require the carrying of extra decks and it comes alongwith the set of Texas Traveler – Table Top & 300 chip set. We can find out that instead of spending some extra money for the pack which may cost us anything around $3 to $30 this deck comes with the set and the charges are much less.

The other characteristic which appeals a lot are 300 casino style poker chips and holder, dealer button and blind button. There are more styles of poker and gaming chips than there are poker games or casinos.

The casinos started flourishing in early 20th century and from then onwards poker chips are there with the game. The ongoing poker boom has enabled the production of these quality chips and they are very much affordable to the general public.

With the Texas Traveler table top & 300 chip travel set one need not pay an extra couple hundred dollars for a better set of poker chips. Nowadays composite clay is a much preferred element in the making of these chips while yester years saw them made even of ivory. The Texas Traveller-Table Top & 300 Chip Travel Set is a sophisticated collectors item.

Any person having a taste for the game can always rely on this set. It does not need a poker connoisseur to buy it but even the layman who has interest in poker can also dive in for the Texas Traveler Table top and 300 chip travel set. The beautiful white plastic disc with the word ” Dealer” is used as dealer button.

It is durable and has a classy look. The casino style poker chips comes in all hues of black, blue, red, white or green. Finding some time off and just to peek once at the product, I walked into the store but I was really surprised and had a better insight about the set, which took me nearly an hour.

What I saw about the product is best reviewed by me but seeing is believing, just log into your nearest online poker product store and have a close look at the Texas Traveler Table top and 300 chip travel set and I am sure you are bound to adore it.

The blind buttons which comes with the set is also perfect in dimension and size, not to forget about their bright colours which adds an extra sprit to the game. To salute the sprit of poker I found that this could be done in more than one way, one among them being trying the Texas Traveler Table top and 300 chip travel set.

Its worth paying about $77 for this perfectly manufactured item which can be a lifetime companion. For a novice they provide Texas Holdem poker instructions, so you need not be a poker freak to buy it, anyone can have a go for it.

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