Creative Writing Exercises – 5 Reasons To Use Exercises To Enhance Your Creative Writing

Sometimes you don’t have to play the hero and go it alone. Whilst we all have within us an endless supply of potential creative writing ideas, sometimes it feels as if we’ll never have a new and stimulating one again. So what we need is something to give us a little boost, a jumpstart to help us rediscover how many ideas we have and how much wonderful writing we’re capable of.

So rather than sit there gazing at a blank page or screen, hoping and praying that the greatest idea of your life will magically appear at any moment, take some positive action to get your writing going.

Creative writing exercises are a brilliant tool to use to stimulate your writing when it feels like you’re all washed up. Here are 5 of the top reasons why:

1. You eliminate writer’s block. More often than not, when you feel blocked it’s down to a lack of ideas or direction. During these times, try a few writing exercises to get your juices flowing again. There’s always a stack of great ideas in you waiting to come out, just sometimes you’re waiting at the wrong gate. Writing ideas give a direct invitation and route for your ideas to come tumbling through.

2. You make better use of your writing energy. A trip back to a basic school physics lesson tells us that it takes far more energy to start something moving than it does to keep it moving once it has a little momentum. It’s the same with writing. Use a writing exercise to give you that initial start, then instead of wasting energy struggling to get going, you can channel it all into writing the best you can write.

3. You remind yourself there are many ways to write. We all have preferred writing techniques that we’ve got comfortable with like an old sweater. But this can mean we forget just what a huge range of ways there are to write. When you use writing exercises you’ll be reminded of techniques you’ve used before and forgotten, as well as finding new ones you’ve never thought of but suit your writing very well.

4. You channel your writing with new focus. Without any focus, it’s easy to be completely overwhelmed with what and how to write, resulting in you not writing a word. By using a creative writing exercise, you give your writing a specific channel. It provides a lightning rod for all that creative writing electricity to discharge itself through with great intensity!

5. You give your creativity permission to, well, be creative! By using writing exercises, you send the message to your creativity that it’s OK to experiment, to try different techniques, to expand your range of writing styles. By giving this permission to explore, and to come out to play, your creativity rises to the occasion and surprises you with new levels of inventiveness and energy. You can almost hear it shouting with joy: “I thought you’d never ask!”

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