Funny Marriage Advice – Explore the Adult Shops With Your Spouse


So right now I am almost 41 years old and my marriage has been great. Sometimes there is boredom but there always more way to make it more fun, more comical at times and just a better marriage for my husband and me. The funny thing is there is so much excellent advice out there on marriage, but I think my advice is a little funnier to be honest. My funny marriage advice: go the local sex store with your spouse and buy some new toys to test on you and your husband. Sex can be very fun without toys, but it is always a comical experience when you try out new sexual things. It may sound like strange advice, but I found out that many women share my funny story and have received similar marriage advice from couples which have been happily married for many years longer than they have been. There’s a lot of comical advice out there but as comical as it all is, it is still great advice regarding marriage and how to spice it up a bit in an effective manner sex toys.

Sex is always a fun time for both sides in a marriage: anyone who tells you otherwise is just giving you horrible advice. As funny as it is, go sex shopping with your spouse and try out new things. The first time for me was actually very embarrassing and it was quite shocking; I felt funny being in such a store. Yet at the same time it caused an allure to want to go back and when we came home and began to experiment with our toys, it was not only funny at first, but was amazing. Now it is funny because every one or two months, we go together to adult shops and sex stores to see new toys and learn new ways to experiment. The story to me is very comical but this funny marriage advice is some of the best I have ever received.

I thought this story for advice was unique to my situation but many married couples have done it before mine. The couples I found out from have been married for far longer than I; they have been married for 30 years where I have been married for only seven years. This advice has been around for a long time, it is just that many people are scared to talk about sex openly, especially women. Fortunately however, more couples and women are losing that shame and proud to share their married stories no matter how comical or how funny they are; we can always learn from others advice on marriage whether it be sex shopping together or taking a random class together to learn something new such as ballet. It mat all sound like funny marriage advice; but as comical as it may seem; it is great information that makes for more exciting and entertaining relationships that last longer.

Funny marriage advice is some of the best advice out there. It may make us laugh, but it teaches us about how to have a fun marriage and a lasting relationship. Now more women and men are less ashamed to share their stories no matter how embarrassing or humorous it may be and we are all learning excellent things from one another as a result. So next time you want to spice up your relationship a little, take a visit to your local sex shop and see what there is for you to try.

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