Is Option Trading Gambling?


We have found it much too frequently, have not we?

Such adverts usually draw hordes of starving, indebted gamblers who want that”one big triumph” to recover their losses or debts elsewhere to their own unusually costly seminars.

95% of Best sports betting malaysia who walked right into such conferences, paid for it and actually traded options, lost almost all their own money. 3 percent can make a little cash over the 1st few trades and lose it subsequently. 1 percent will really make some renewable money plus a final lucky 1% will make the 1000% monthly in their own first month (again, simply to reduce all of it over the following month). Anyone who has been around this predicament usually think that option trading isn’t anything more than only a bet in a tool that has no significance of its own.

Yet, many professional traders and fund managers are creating an excellent, consistent profit from trading! These professionals do not make 1000 percent monthly in profits, neither will they ever, but they continue to earn a full time income in the markets after month, year after year (me included)! Thus, what makes option trading a real investment and trading activity to these professionals and also a mere bet for those who lost their money attending option trading conferences?

The distinction is really in ATTITUDE. Attitude governs actions and decisions. Anybody who means alternative trading with all the”get-rich-quick” attitude may also soon end up”getting-poorer-quicker” simply as these punters expecting to”make-it-big” in the next commerce, completely obliterated any semblance of a trade direction strategy, completely throw aside sensible analysis in favor of a 50/50″bet” and accept totally senseless out of their currency rankings that make it big or expire completely useless!

A real option trading professional uses sensible money management strategy on every trading opportunity, weighted against the potential danger of non-performance. Which means that a real option dealer will never put all of his money in to a big out of the money standing! A true option trading pro utilizes commerce analysis methods based on proven methodologies whilst to put the likelihood of performance in their favor rather than treat every trade as a 50/50 gamble. A true option trading pro calculates the amount of options leverage to be used on every trade so that his portfolio is not over-leveraged. A true option trading professional usually do not expect you’ll make it big in his next transaction and he is not aiming for one huge home run but a collection of small wins which eventually adds up. A true option trading professional never allow a reduction to wipe his portfolio because he treats the market in respect understanding that no matter how much analysis has been conducted, there is obviously a possibility that industry will work against him.

In brief, a real option trading professional (and an option trading winner who remains in the game for years) differ out of the gambler (who rarely endures for more than a month) mainly in terms of mental attitude! The wrong mental attitude transforms option trading from the sensible and sophisticated financial instrument that it is into nothing more than lottery tickets.

The problem with most option trading seminars today is that they don’t really put these essential elements of successful option trading together! All they teach are how option trading may make anyone rich very quickly! It is like teaching someone how to lineup to your lottery ticket! An true Forex trading system comprises all of the crucial elements to successful forex trading; From looking for trading opportunities , to investigation of this opportunity in view of the trading horizon demanded, to selecting the right option depending on certain requirements of this possibility to hazard balanced trade direction and more! One particular option trading strategy could be your Star Trading System () I have educated on the web for many years.

So, isn’t it time that you assessed your attitude and approach to option trading?

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