The Protection Of Foreign Investments In Mozambique As Strategy For Development – Part Two


On January 1-2 that a 7.0 Richter scale earthquake struck that the Caribbean nation of Haiti, attracting wide spread death and destruction into the western hemisphere’s poorest nation. The earthquake killed at least 200,000 people, injured at least 300,000 many others, leveled at least 250,000 residencies, also destroyed or badly harmed at 30,000 commercial constructions. This had been Haiti’s most significant & most destructive earthquake at over than 200 years.

Past the statistics, the individual anguish is between the very heartbreaking that the entire world has seen in time – that the breakup of families, as the orphaned kids, that the deficiency of water and food, both the emotional and physical illness , the struggle for everyday survival fanavari.

This catastrophe, but has born witness for the generosity of Americans once again and others throughout the planet who’ve contributed of themselves monetarily – committing about $528 million as lately January. But long before the earthquake put Haiti over earth radar screen, it stood out for its gloomy standard of alive. For generations Christian missionaries have come to complete exactly what they can. They’re there on January 1 2 until the ground fell out. A few of these made the ultimate sacrifice. If we have overlooked anyone please let’s understand in order that they are sometimes honored for their sacrifice.

Featured here will be their stories of loyalty and accomplishment which inspire us all.

Reverend Sam Dixon

The Reverend Sam Dixon went the globe to help expand Christ’s mission. He had been in Haiti on January 12 to discover strategies to improve health services for its poor men and women there.

He served there for greater than 20 decades. He then went to function for the Board of International Ministries, serving as a staff member of this United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR). In 1998 he took charge of UMCOR’s field operations unit, at which he faced issues involving local wellness treatment, refugees, agriculture, and small business growth, and orphaned children.

In 2001, he became the executive manager of the United Methodist Development Fund. Back in 2003 he was chosen head of the board unit on evangelization and church growth. There, he also oversaw programs on missionary education and relations with all mission partners.

He had served as UMCOR’s top executive since 2007.

He considered Christians might resolve issues by working together with other people. His decision to coordinate relief efforts with all Muslim Aid of London attracted some criticism, but he stood with it, believing this sort of collaboration better functioned people who needed aid that the most.

Rev. Dixon’s human body has been pulled from the rubble of that which was the Hotel Montana at Port-au-Prince, fifty five hours following the earthquake on January 12. He had been 60

He leaves behind his wife Cindy along with four mature children — Christy, Amy, Josh, and Molly – and his mother, three sisters, three sisters, and two grandchildren.

Reverend Clint Rabb

The Rev. Clint Rabb was in Haiti along with Rev. Dixon and also Rev. James Gulley to locate Healthcare alternatives for the Haitian Individuals.

His lifetime was exactly about helping those that wanted it .

“Clint Rabb was a tough and fearless advocate for the most and least vulnerable of God’s children,” explained Bishop Joel N. Martinez, the interim general secretary of Global Ministries. “He went the globe encouraging volunteer ministry in his own service on behalf of Christ and the church. He also gave his own life to others and we observe his faithful witness.”

A native of Hunt County, Texas, northeast of Dallas, Rev. Rabb began his ecclesial livelihood in 1974 with the Goliad United Methodist Church. Early in his career he served in various ministries from the San Antonio and San Angelo areas of Texas.

He joined the Worldwide Ministries in 1996. His job required him to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and central Asia. He also developed the”In Mission Together Church to Church Partnership system,” joining together congregations, annual conferences, volunteer efforts, along with mission employees.

He’d led the Mission Volunteers Ministries Because 2006. The UMVM stations volunteers throughout the Earth, frequently within the industry of overall health.

Within this part, Rev. Rabb additionally encouraged the Individual Volunteer programs and mission opportunities for retired folks.

He died in a Miami hospital on January 17, 5 days following the earthquake. He had been meeting Rev. Dixon along with others at the resort Montana as soon as the earthquake struck. He was found living, but his life couldn’t be stored.

He leaves behind his wifeRev. Suzanne Field-Rabb.

The Rev. Jeanne Acheson-Munos along with also her husband Jack were delivered into Port Au Prince from the Absolutely Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM) at March 2004 to function as career missionaries.

Besides teaching in Haiti’s Bible college, the Institut Biblique Methodiste Libre,”They worked alongside the church to develop and strengthen the conference, pastors, church leaders, and members,” the FMWM stated in announcement.

The daughter of a longtime Indianapolis pastor, Rev. Acheson-Munos met Jack in top school. They married and lived almost all of their own lives at Indianapolis. They eventually become missionaries from a urge to help needy individuals uncover Christ and increase their lifestyles.

Her”desire was with this particular total region to become transformed by God’s love and God’s grace and that she had been ascertained, if not , to make this happen,” explained John Hay, Jr. of FMWM. “So we expect that, in spirit at least, also from inspiration for many others, that will happen due to their nation.”

Rev. Acheson-Munos was within her third floor flat with Jack at the right time of this earthquake. The building dropped, killing her. Jack was pulled out of the wreckage 6 months after and survived.

Eugene Dufour

Eugene Dufour was in Haiti as a volunteer of this FMWM along with the Friends of Haiti Business (FOHO).

FOHO primarily builds churches. But through the years it has undertaken several projects in Haiti, for example building parsonages, canteens, a self-help store, a quest household, retainer wallsand schools. It has undertaken well-drilling, dental, medical, educational, and rustic endeavors.

A native of Clio, Michigan, Dufour had offered at Haiti double earlier. His good friend Kenny Voller remembered finding him up against the airport terminal soon after his first visit to Haiti.

“He talked Non Stop all the way house, 5 or even six hourswith tears running down his face,” said Voller who ministered in Haiti to a number of events ” ‘these bad folks,’ that’s all he could state. It awakened his soul. He has found the worst”

Dufour functioned as a lively Craftsman to get Christ, aiding to build churches and ministries. He functioned in building in Miami for Haitian churches.

“Whether it had been around the street or over the sea, where it had been, Gene was usually there,” explained Dale Woods, just another good friend.

Dufour is survived by his wife Dolly and adult kids.

Dufour, 64, has been murdered along with his good friend from Michigan, Merle West, when the FOHO headquarters failed in the earthquake. The two men, that spent winter months in a Christian retirement community from Lakeland, Florida, had landed in Haiti just one hour or so earlier.

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