Steam Shower Cubicle Features


A steam shower walker can be easily defined as a self indulgent enclosure or cubicle that has the capacity to make and trap steam within the enclosed space whilst also supplying a showering centre to scrub or rinse ones down body. However, a modern steam shower walker aims to create home-bathing relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic. So, several new functions are found inside of the modern steam shower walker. While maybe not conclusive this guide provides a overview of the normal features that could possibly be found at a steam shower cubicle of today.

Digital Controlpanel
Most contemporary steam shower cubicles are fitted using an easy to use control panel in the shower offering quick accessibility to all the steam-shower options. A steam-shower cubicles may also provide a remote controller, that allows the user to choose attributes from away from the futon like pre-filling the cubicle with vapor prior to inputting.

Foot Therapeutic Massage
A foot massage can be an added function that combines foot pliers and hydromassage waterjets to handily massage your foot whilst sitting within the cubicle. Rather than rollers, a steam shower cubicle may have a distinctive area in to the flooring where hydro massage jets squirt water on the bottoms of their feet.

Hand held shower
Typically, a steam shower cubicle will provide a standard showerhead adjusted into some slide-rail. This shower-head may easily detach from the slide railing make it possible for handheld showering, which could maintain addition to a overhead rain bath tub.

Over head shower rose
Also known as being a rain forest shower, the showerhead is generally bigger than the usual portable shower and might quantify up to 6 inches in diameter. The overhead shower rose gives the impression of standing outside at a rain fall hydromasážne vane.

Human body jets
Human body jets may be situated over the users head, along the length of back the users or on the lower thighs. Depending on the number of jets and also the users pressure these hydro massage jets could possibly be sprayed together or sequentially.

Music & Phone Connection
A modern steam shower cubicle could have an integrated audio input letting the steam shower to be attached to some people iPod, MP3 player, cdplayer or any other external audio gadget. Some units allow an individual to run a phone line to the steam-shower and then make or receive phone calls from the

Speaker and radio
Many steam cubicles who have audio capability will probably additionally possess a radio tuner permitting the user to unwind whilst still listening to Classic FM or Radio 1! The user can listen by the controller panel for their own favourite radio channels and hear them from an in built bath speaker.

Steam Generator
The steam generator is important to some steam shower and will come from several designs and fashions however, all with the identical goal – causing steam. The digital controller panel may give the user the option of putting a time limit or temperature limit for automated shut down of their steam generator.

Aroma Therapy
Another feature utilized in some steam cubicles lets the user to squeeze some few drops of aromatherapy oil (commonly tree or plant seals ) on the steam generator or to a specially designed inlet. An individual can then take pleasure in the aromatherapy scents and physical advantages it can offer.

Thermostatic controller
The thermostatic controller is utilised to choose a particular water temperature and may maintain control of the drinking water at the selected temperatures. Some units can furnish built-in fever protection for younger people.

Chromo Therapy Lighting
Chromotherapy was shown to alter ones emotional state. This really is the employment of colored lighting to create a mood or emotional state whereas the consumer is enjoying a steam shower.

Extractor lover
An extractor fan provides venting and air flow and enabling the user to clear steam from the glove without even opening the doors.

Fluorescent overhead lighting
A overhead fluorescent lighting is often comprised to illuminate the steam-shower cubicle. The light can surround the over-head rain shower increased.

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